How to deploy your GIT repository to FTP server

In this article, I will explain how to deploy your code, hosted on Github to an FTP server.

Here was my requirements for deploying my php code to a standard FTP server:

  • Compatible with Bitbucket
  • Fully automated
  • FTP deployment
  • Free (with a possibility for upgrading to a paid version)
  • Web hosted

Solution founded:

After a bit of surfing I found this web service:

But after testing, I choosed DeployHQ.

This is the list of compatible source code platform :

You just need to create an account. If you have only one project hosted, the registration is free.

The dashboard view of your project with last deploiment and the number of servers:

The definition of your FTP server (you can use also SSH, Amazon S3,…):

To publish to multiple server in one time, you can set a group of server:

When you commit and push to your Git repository, you can transfer your files automatically:

The deployment window with the start and end commit. You have also the possibility to « Preview » your deployment: